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The governing council formulates policies, provides direction and approves the budget for the smooth operation of the Polytechnic. Ibadan City Polytechnic (ICP) has strong governing council in place with Ambassador (Dr) Yemi Farounbi as the Chairman.



It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Ibadan City Polytechnic, centre of innovative practice-based learning in Nigeria.

Ibadan City Polytechnic is one of the leading tertiary institutions in Nigeria and it was established in response to the shifting job requirements and perceived need to break down elitist barrier, widening technical education participation and focusing on higher vocational skills.

We explore technology from a people’s perspective by starting initiatives relevant to society and by developing learning experiences and innovation tools. Ibadan City Polytechnic connects the lecturers, students, our partners, the market and society at large for effective teaching and learning.

Ibadan City Polytechnic in recent years has undergone some mind blowing physical transformation that encourage vibrant and supportive environment for research and learning.

Unlike some other prestigious tertiary institutions, Ibadan City Polytechnic places unparalleled focus on developing a total student through inculcation of qualitative education, combined with sound moral values.

Furthermore, what makes Ibadan City Polytechnic special is the unique convergence of students from different backgrounds to form one cohesive entity. Nonetheless, one common characteristic of Ibadan City Polytechnic students is passion. Each of them is driven and dedicated to what he or she loves: surmounting technical challenges which create a palpable atmosphere of enthusiasm on campus.

We indeed cherish entrepreneurship and that is why we made it compulsory for our students to specialize in at least two trades during their studies. Interestingly, many of our graduates are highly employable, while others have become employers of labour because of these added advantage of vocational skills.

Moreover, on sports, Ibadan City Polytechnic is acknowledged for its sporting prowess in South West, Nigeria. Incidentally, each student must also master at least two sporting activities.

Above all, it is important to note that what has further placed Ibadan City Polytechnic in vantage position from other institutions of higher learning are: no cultism, no disruption of academic calendar or strike of any kind, lower school fees, scholarship for indigent and physically challenged students, no handouts, well-equipped laboratories, workshops and studio among others.

Ibadan City Polytechnic Motto: “Erudio est bonus” which literally means “Education is good” explains our cardinal values to help in human capital development through qualitative and accessible technical education for all as well as taking the initiative to redefine technical education in Nigeria.

For those interested in qualitative technical education and sound moral values, Ibadan City Polytechnic is a place to study now and in years to come.

Erudio est bonus!


At ICP, we enable  our students to make a tangible difference in the world.
Our accredited program are all widely respected and highly competitive.
we provide a hands-on learning environment that emphasizes competence. compassion and community.

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Address: Ibadan City Polytechnic is situated at Kilometre 27 Ido / Eruwa Road, Ibadan.
Campus II of the Polytechnic is at Alakia-Isebo/Iyana Church Road, Ibadan. Campus is 4 kilometersaway from the ibadan Airport.
email: info@icp.edu.ng
Tel:+234(0)708459 3012

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Erudio est bonus

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